Aleutia is a UA colony world that is slightly colder than Earth, a bit smaller, and approximately 85% water with lots and lots of islands. Aleutia boasts rich deposits of resources useful to diverse industrial and technological implementation, particularly large amounts of Lithium [1]. Unfortunately, it's political situation is complicated by three factors:[2]

  1. it boasts a sentient population in the Vralk, a semi-aquatic mammaloid race.
  2. the existence of a hold over a Chinese colony called Ai-Ding.
  3. A long term mining concession to German multi-national Schiller, currently contested in the courts by OutEarth Resources

Aleutia is known as Salkarg in the Vralk language

The majority of mining operations are run by Schiller Bergbau and OutEarth Resources. The principal landmasses of Greater and Lesser Reybuck serve as bases of exploration and research as well as aero-orbital transport hubs to their respective controllers.

- location of the Battle of Beringville [3]

- first colony was established by Jonathan Reybuck in 2172 [4]

Current EventsEdit

As of 2260, war has broken out on Aleutia, with UA, German, Vralk and Chinese factions. The Vralk, led by Vralk Vimfralnt, High Jarl of the Vralk Nations, have secured the assitance of Assured Outcomes to remove the other human factions. [5]

Major LandmassesEdit

  • Greater Reybuck
  • Lesser Reybuck

Landmarks and other locationsEdit