In 2260, tensions on the UA colony world of Aleutia reached a boiling point, and erupted into outright war between three human nations and the native Vralk. Vralk miners went on strike against German mining company Schiller to protest working conditions. VIolent protests during the strike led to both the German's and American's deploying military units on Aleutia, while the Chinese have become involved for "humanitarian reasons".

And if things weren't bad enough, nests of Hudsons Bugs have begun to appear on Aleutia as well.

Forces in PlayEdit

United AmericasEdit

Deployed one company of the 97th Marine Expeditionary Unit in response to public unrest. They have also secured the services of some Sequoian Scouts.


Deployed a complement of Panzergrenediers


Princess-General Wu Ni Ling commands a Chinese Task Force


High Jarl of the Vralk Nations, Vralk Vimfralnt, has signed an exclusive 50 year commitment with Assured Outcomes to remove all UA, German and Chinese influence from Aleutia

Assured OutcomesEdit

Senior Manager Maritza Ross has negotiated a contract with the Vralk to act as their agents in removing UA, German and Chinese influence. She has been given carte blanceh to use whatever engagement force necessary, including nuclear, biological and chemical options.

Hudsons BugsEdit

No one has any idea how many bugs are here, nor if it's just a coincidence.

Timeline of EventsEdit

  • October 2259 - Vralk employees of Schiller go on strike to protest poor working conditions in the lithium mines. This strike and protest boiled over to employees of OutEarth Resources as well.
  • December 2259 - despite reports of violent protests, and Vralk protesters being killed during altercations with Schiller security personnel, military sources contacted by Consol Newzia deny any planned military intervention
  • May 2260 - Vralk Vimfralnt signs deal with Assured Outcomes.