Assured Outcomes (AO) is a private military company founded by Ivan Sokolov, a former Spetsnaz GRU major. It currently maintains a military strength of six regiments.

By their nature, the AO serve in many diverse roles with a staggering number of clientele throughout human space and have to have a number of different uniforms in order to satisfy those roles. Everything from personal honor guard for 4th world dictators to advanced shock troops to fully protected "bug hunt" gear.

Force OrganizationEdit

AO has focuses in these areas:

  • Defense Augmentation
  • Corporate and Personal Security
  • Planetary Defense
  • Resource Acquisition
  • Xenomorph Eradication
  • Penal System Operations
  • Indigineous Relations
  • Data Protection/Courier Services
  • Opposition Leadership Neutralization

Rank StructureEdit


Known Members of AOEdit

Known Combat ActionsEdit


Recent events on Nuevo Principo have lead Sokolov to attempt to seize the planet and its colony.