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This page is the place to post links to your non-canon fan material, whether it's in the Defiance Games Forums Fan Fiction section, or your own page.

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Yut! Yut! Oorah!Edit

More action from Colorado III, by Bane

Retreat? Hell!Edit

a militia city fight against the Chinese, by Bane

On the bus homeEdit

An Army soldier headed home, by BigAndrew254

Fair CameroneEdit

The Legion against the bugs, by Stonewall115

Battle For New DetroitEdit

Americans vs Chinese, by Mike Uher

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Epilogue

The Squad Talon StoriesEdit

The adventures of Sequoian Scouts Two-Johns, Grinning Wolf and the rest of Squad Talon, by Bryan Bromley

Complications (this first story in the Squad Talon series has been accepted as canon by DFG. It is included here for completeness in the series of stories.)

Phase Line Blue

Two Johns



Game Change


Two Six Sniper BriefEdit

A UAMC Briefing, by Mike Uher

DST-777 ReportEdit

A bug infestation report, by Mike Uher

Aleutian PatrolEdit

An altercation between the UAMC and the Vralk, by Stonewall115

Two for TwoEdit

UA Marines on Aleutia, by Mike Uher

Part 1, Part 2

Fallschirmjäger AAREdit

Germans vs Pirates, by Gasmasked Mook

Another Day in the Life of a HazardEdit

UAMC vs PZG, by CPTPromotable

Diary of a War Correspondent on AleutiaEdit

Title says it all, by Airborne


The Vralk get their hands on high tech weaponry, by Gasmasked Mook

Part 1, Part 2