Adding Content

Anyone may add content to this wiki. A few pages may be locked by the administrator(s) for reasons of legibility, policy, etc, but for the most part we are going to try and keep this as open a community as possible.

Allowable Content

This wiki is intended as a central reference for canon background material to aid fans in learning about the Alien War setting, working on their forces and characters, and even in creating their own fan fiction and art. While Defiance Games encourages fan made material, this wiki is not the place for it. At least not until your creations have been accepted as canon by the Defiance Games team.

Game Stats

This wiki is also not the place to post game stats. Game stats are available in the game rules, boxes and at the Defiance Games web site. Furthermore, it is likely that the setting will grow beyond the 28mm game into an RPG, and smaller scale games. Game stats will only confuse the issue when those later games come out.

Official Artwork:

At this point in time, please do not post any official Defiance Games artwork, until a policy and agreement of terms can be worked out with them. (5/2012)

Special Exception:

Fan art: Fan art that does not attempt to define canon, such as that depicting a battle scene, uses only canon references and helps to illustrate a pages subject, can be posted at that page for discussion and potential inclusion. All fan art must be posted with a Creative Commons license statement.

Fan Fiction: If you have created fan fiction, or other fan created material, you can post a link to your material on the Fan Fiction page.


When adding pages, or content to a page, please add references to the source of your content at the bottom of each page. This will aid future contributors in editing and fact checking those pages.

Manual of Style

At this point there is no set style or theme for the Alien War wiki. Please try and keep page formatting consistant with what has previously been added. If anyone would like to prepare a template, apply a theme and/or create a style manual for this wiki - go for it!