Hudson's Bug (Scutari hudsonia), also referred to informally as "Bugs", is a species of alien. They are named after the scientist who discovered the species, Doctor ??? Hudson.[1]


Despite possessing no known form of interplanetary travel, Hudson's Bugs have been found on many planets across human space. Infestations have also been discovered on planets previously thought to be bug free - it is currently unknown whether these nests are newly founded by bugs introduced from offworld by unknown means or whether these are previously undiscovered nests only now emerging. This behavior has proven to be a significant damper on human expansion, as even colonies on seemingly safe worlds must be wary of bug attacks.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

The Hudson's Bug is an invertebrate similar in appearance to an arthropod, possessing six limbs, an exoskeleton and distinct mandibles.

Like a number of arthropod species native to Earth, Hudson's Bugs display a high degree of polymorphism within the species, each being present in different ratios within a nest. Drones, the most ubiquitious caste, are both fighters and workers...tasked with defending the hive from invaders (including the bugs of rival hives) and securing food sources with their venomous bite. Warriors are large, aggressive bugs who are called into service when a threat is too much for the drones to handle. It is theorized that injured or killed drones might release pheremones that will attract these Warriors to the site of a significant battle. Nannies are Warriors who care for the pupae that hatch from the eggs created by Hive Princesses. All of these are ruled over by the Queen.

The Bugs release a venom that creates a listless, zombie-fied state in its victims after about 24 hours. This allows the worker bugs to keep their food both "fresh" and controlled. There is a antidote, but unfortunately it has to be administered almost immediately after infection.[2]

In CultureEdit

Given the influence the species has on colonial society, it is unsurprising that there are a number of urban legends about the species. It is suggested by some that there is another caste that controls all Hudson Bug hives - an "Emperess" caste, but the inter-hive battles that have been observed in the wild would suggest against this claim. Another cryptid caste is the "tech" Bug or "smart" Bug that is rumored to exist on the farthest reaches of human space, that wields advanced weapons and technology unlike that developed by humanity.