Native planet of the Sequoia Scouts employed by the United Americas armed forces. The planet is closely allied with the United Americas, who aid the planet economically. Sequoia was settled by North American Indian tribes in the early 22nd century. Sequoia is approximately a third larger than earth and features similar temperate climates. It has one large supercontinent and several islands which cover nearly half of the planet. Like earth, the polar regions are shrouded in ice caps.

The continental landmass is also known as Sequoia. And has several mountain ranges and plains divided by seven major rivers and countless lakes. The names of terrain features vary in accordance to which tribe a person asks, just like the two moons which orbit the planet. The Spaceport city of Reservation is the only spot of Sequoia that outsiders are allowed to visit.

Reservation is located on the eastern coast and is the start of a transcontinental monorail that connects to at least two further cities. Outsiders are limited to the resorts and business districts of Reservation, so only speculation and myriad place names are known without confirmed facts.

The flora of Sequoia is similar to earth. Vast forests of trees similar to redwoods from earth abound with other colder regions populated with earth similar conifers. Many earth species of tribe specific plants have been introduced by Sequoians. The first settlers also brought several species of earth food crops and herbs. It should be noted, however, that a Sequoian original fruit is an expensive delicacy. The blood orange( again known by different tribal names) is a scarlet grapefruit sized fruit that is very sweet in taste.

The fauna of Sequoia were also increased with Terran species. The bison, elk, deer, wolf, eagle, and many others were introduced to Sequoia. Some early reports of native life forms indicate that eight limbed creatures are normal for Sequoia, but those records are fragmented if available. The Slepinir Cat is known to have had a considerable impact on successful introduction of the cougar and bobcat to the Sequoia wild. The slepinir cat has been rumored to reach 50 meters in length. This alpha predator is reported to be aggressively territorial and decidedly solitary in nature, only seen in pairs during it's mating season. The fur is a brindled brown and is very soft; this quality plus the value of a matching set of eight claws makes the slep cat extremely valuable on the blackmarket. The Sequoians, however, are quite successful in finding and eliminating poaching expeditions - as well as scientific expeditions.

Sequoian people are made up from several Native American tribes from all the nations including Sioux, Cheyenne, Navajo, Seminole, Algonquin, and Iroquois. Cherokee are most commonly encountered near Reservation. The tribes have mostly scattered with Inuit tribes settling in the northern and southern extremes . The Great Plain tribes are located centrally, with the eastern and western tribes largely settling in climates and terrain similar to those they lived on at earth. It is rumored that some south American tribes have also settled on Sequoia, but those reports are unsubstantiated.

Besides tribal crafts, the biggest export of Sequoia are the Sequoia Scouts. The scouts provide a reconnaissance service for the UA. They are also available for hire by survey expeditions and other exploratory missions, providing the terms and goals do not run counter to UA interests.


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