Sequoian Scouts are an export from the planet Sequoia. The basic squad features up to eight scouts.

Force OrganizationEdit

Scouts are light infantry and equipped with surveilance gear, carbines, and demo charges. One scout may also be equiped with a sniper rifle. Each scout carries one or more knifes in addition to tomahawks and warclubs. The scouts are adept at moving quietly and hiding in many different climates and terrain. They specialize in disruption of enemy movement, signal, and supply.

The Sequoia Scouts are readily available for deployment with the United American forces, which is their primary ally due to treaties and economic support. Sequoian Scouts also serve as instructors for UA military in various Spec Op schools including SERE and E&E courses.

Rank StructureEdit


Known Members of the Sequoia ScoutsEdit

  • Grinning Wolf [1]
  • Two-Johns [2]

Known Combat ActionsEdit

  1. Aleutia - 2260 [3]