The United Americas Marine Corps is the strategically mobile arm of the United Americas military. Its purpose is to serve as the UA's force-in-readiness and as a first responder throught American space.

Working closely with the Office of Colonial Affairs (OCA), the Marines are first responders, and secure the "beachhead" in any interstellar conflict America becomes involded. They pave the way for the US Army in longer term engagements.

The time honored motto of the UAMC is "Semper Fidelis", Latin for "Always Faithful".

Force OrganisationEdit

At full strength, a UAMC rifle squad consists of:

  • A Squad Leader armed with an assault rifle and under-barrel grenade launcher
  • and three fire teams, each consisting of:
    An FT Leader armed with an assault rifle and under-barrel grenade launcher.
    An SSW gunner armed with a Squad Support Weapon.
    An assistant SSW gunner armed with an assault rifle.
    A designated scout/marksman armed with an assault rifle.

Rank StructureEdit

While attrition rates and combat experience will affect a Marine's promotion prospects, the following may be considered typical stats for a Marine of a given rank:

  • Private: Rank 0 Leader, Green
  • Private First Class (PFC): Rank 0 Leader, Experienced
  • Lance Corporal: Rank 0 Leader, Veteran
  • Corporal: Rank 1 Leader, Veteran
  • Sergeant: Rank 2 Leader, Veteran


Known Members of the UAMCEdit

These are some of the more prominent and well known names of members of the UAMC. For a complete list of UAMC Personnel with source references, go here.

  • Sergeant Major Tig "Gunny T" Langstrom

Known Combat ActionsEdit